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Want to travel differently, to discover Ireland differently?
Changez d'Éire will organise your tailor-made holidays for you.

Who are we?

Changez d’Éire is a bilingual, Franco-Irish company based in Dublin. We believe that each trip must be unique, as well as match your personality and your desires. That's why we organise tailor-made tours for not only Francophones, but also Anglophones, from the most luxurious to the most traditional. Because everyone is different, you will not be cast in the same mould as everyone else and, thanks to us, you will be able to organise your holidays stress-free. With us, there are no minimum rates, no bank charges and a free quote will be offered. You will not be a regular customer among others, lost in a big agency. We will always take the time to listen to you, to advise you and to guide you by following your choices. You will also have a follow-up once here, including a hotline when needed.

The options

You will notice we have two different options on our website to help you find the route that suits you best.

The "turnkey" option.
So you don’t have a precise idea of what you want but want to ensure you see the most important things? We have several tours done with precision to offer you the best of the country at very attractive prices, every time. Just so you know, all of our tours can be changed and we can also help you with your car rental. We also offer honeymoon packages, as well as a voucher / wedding list system, which can be put at your disposal to help you finance your stay or offer you benefits during your trip. Please contact us for more information.

The "à la carte" option.
This is the perfect option for you if you have a clear idea of your trip, for example with a specific theme, a region or places you absolutely want to visit.
Whether you are a follower of haunted castles or whether you want to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day or Halloween the unforgettable way. Whether you are passionate about golf, fishing, whiskey, beers, hiking, equestrian or water sports, we will guide you and help you in your choices. You will also find ideas and tips in the 4 provinces section. After answering a short questionnaire, we will propose a tour, made to measure, which will correspond to your wishes, your tastes, and your budget. If, however, it does not suit you completely, we will not hesitate to modify it or to present you with a second one, to be certain that, after your return from holidays, you keep an unforgettable memory of Ireland.
Whether you choose one or the other option, we will offer you a traveling kit containing practical information, maps, tourist attractions, cultural outings and restaurants, all matching your criteria and your custom tour.

A job done with passion!

Cathy has, since the age of 8, developed a passion for Ireland. By the age of 12 she had already known she would one day live in Dublin and since September 1997, she has realized her dream! Having lived in the west as well as the east, worked in the hospitality industry, travelled in all 32 counties (all photos that you see on our site, were taken by her during her excursions), keen on history and archaeology, she will always have good advice to help you organise your stay, inquire about restaurants, museums, etc.

Passionate about the beauty, the land, the music, the folklore and the people of this country, she wanted to put her experience to your advantage. Cathy is forever on the lookout for unusual and magical places, small forgotten corners or any other novelty to discover. Whether you’d like to visit the island alone or with others, by bus or train, on foot or by bike, sleep in a castle, a B&B or caravan park, unconditional, traditional or just looking for the unusual, Cathy will do everything possible to satisfy you in order to convey the love she has for her adopted country.

The idea of starting her agency was born after having prepared many trips for her family and friends living in Ireland and abroad. Launched as a test a few years ago, Changez d’Éire finally took off in 2017.

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